A higher specification sundial, made in thicker brass.

With outward reading bold roman numerals. Large central compass rose.


sundial design

Shown here with a dedication placed just above the Equation of Time. The dedication could also be moved upwards into space occupied by the motto. Also includes site position.

You can add a motto of your choice.......the one shown here is

Serene I stand among the flowers and only count life's sunny hours

RD16 is also available in other sizes and can also be made in standard thickness brass....see below.

RD16 prices
RD16 Diameter
Baseplate thickness 200mm 250mm 300mm
standard 2.00mm £425.00 £470.00 £585.00
2.6mm £485.00 £560.00 £700.00
3.25mm £505.00 £575.00 £720.00


See also Photo of RD16 with the patinated finish
How slow the Shadow creeps; but when 'tis past,
How fast the Shadows fall. How fast! How fast!