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For centuries sundials have been the silent timekeepers in gardens across the land. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the slow passage of time with one of our high quality precision made brass sundials. All are made to commission only and whether your requirements are traditional or contemporary we guarantee you an enchanting sundial to enhance and enrich any garden.

"Our England is a garden, and such gardens are not made, by singing 'Oh how beautiful!' and sitting in the shade....."
Rudyard Kipling


RD15 sundial

We produce sundials designed and made to your individual requirements. Bespoke sundials in both contemporary and traditional styles.

All are accurate and site specific, so no two sundials are ever the same. In addition you can include your own motto and dedication at no extra cost.

Proprietor Keith Bunting designs and makes the sundials himself and works mainly in brass. His aim is to provide you with workmanship of the finest quality, designed specifically for you. He designs, calculates and engineers each and every sundial so that you end up with exactly what you want - a unique handmade timepiece to mark the passing hours.

patinated sundial

All aspects of the design are up to you, the customer : the size, style and finish are your choice. There are many designs shown throughout this site, and any of these can be tailored to your own requirements. You may want to incorporate elements of one dial into another. The choice is yours!

The sundial store has details and photos of some of our most popular dials, while there is a selection of layouts on the sundial designs page.

With care, a sundial correctly designed and installed can be accurate to within 2 minutes !

RD16 sundial



Our silent timekeepers require no maintenance.......

and will last for centuries!!



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