Brass thickness

We use only the best quality engraving brass to make our sundials.The prices within this web site refer to dials made from our standard brass which is 2.00mm. thick. This is sufficiently thick for the smaller garden sundials, but you may wish to upgrade and order a dial made from thicker brass.

Thickness comparison table
Diameter of Dial
  200mm 250mm 300mm
Baseplate thickness Additional cost
2.6mm £40.00 £55.00 £75.00
3.25mm £50.00 £65.00 £85.00


Sundials can be suppled bright, matt or patinated.

BRIGHT : the brass has a polished mirror finish. Although the sundial looks nice ie bright and shiny, ( and if the dial is being given as a gift then this may be important )....this is not a very practical finish! In bright sunshine you can see everything on the dial including the clouds and your face..but not the shadow! Well the shadow is there of course but it's not very well defined. You have been warned!

MATT : a dull finish, the brass is still yellow in colour but no longer reflective. A more practical finish than the bright and the dial is easier to read in bright sunshine.....quite important!!. Our most popular finish.

Note: both the bright and matt finishes will naturally weather over time. The brass will take on a dark patina. As brass is non-ferrous so no damage is actually done to the material, it's just a harmless ageing process. The speed of this process will depend on many factors. One of my customers used his sundial as a platform for letting off fireworks and it went dark quite quickly!!

PATINATED: the dial face is weathered chemically and a finish of dark brown and verdigris green is produced. Example below. This is my favourite finish, and if you talk to me on the phone you will find me encouraging you to go for this one...sorry!


Patinated sundial


sundial patinated

This is sundial RD16 made in brass of thickness 3.25mm

Distance/bearing pointers

sundial with distance markers

If the layout allows room why not include bearing and distance indicators incorporated around the compass rose......POA

Choose a different font!

 sundial design

A nice example is to use a script font for part of the design.


Add a ladybird!

ladybird on a sundial

or any other creepy crawly you might fancy!


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